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It’s Easier Than You Think!







 Quit Your Sugar Cravings Program
is exactly what you are looking for.


This ultimate audio program contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious tools and tips for stopping sugar cravings. Brought to you by emotional eating expert Rachel Foy, she combines over 8 years of experience and working with hundreds of women to bring you this cutting edge approach to quitting sugar

Has This Ever Happened To You?

You decide that you’re eating far too much sugar.

From tomorrow you aren’t eating sugar anymore and you are going to quit these cravings.

Maybe you want to improve your skin or digestion, increase your energy, sleep better, drop some weight or generally just feel less sluggish and more awake!

Then suddenly, a few days into it, you start obsessing about chocolate, you can’t stop thinking about cake and before you know it, the inevitable happens….


We’ve all been there (I know I have multiple times in the past, it became the story of my life!)

So if we know too much sugar is not really what our bodies are wanting and we know we want to stop eating as much as we are doing, WHY CAN’T WE DO IT??

That’s Because Of These Reasons

– You start feeling deprived and that’s not a good feeling

– Your cravings get the better of you

– You are irritable as you aren’t allowed your favourite treat anymore

– You get stressed and need something sweet immediately

– You have zero willpower and start struggling within days

The Emotional Connection To Sugar Which Willpower Cannot Break


From my own experience, the emotional connection to sugar is never addressed in your conventional ‘quit sugar’ programs so unless you do have bucket loads of willpower (which most of us don’t) then you are more than likely not going to succeed for long.


Our minds are the most powerful thing on this planet, and if you are not in the right ‘mind set’ and you are not using your mind to help support you in quitting your sugar cravings you will find it far more challenging than you need to. (I’m a clinical & cognitive hypnotherapist and I’ve studied the mind for years so kind of know a thing or two about this topic now!)





Quit Your Sugar Cravings Online Course has been developed by Rachel & designed with you in mind to help you do just that.

This online audio & video course takes all the emotional stress out of eating sugar free, helps you to break the emotional connection from sugar and dissolves sugar cravings instantly

The problem with trying to quit sugar cravings using discipline & willpower is that is often backfires (resulting in a sugar binge!).

This program is COMPLETELY different to what you may have tried before as what I teach you is backed by science.  When you can ‘reset’ your brain and your emotions around sugar, quitting sugar becomes easier & more effortless than you believe possible.  I’m talking about something called EFT or tapping. It’s a crazy little ‘mind technique’ which can be used for pretty much anything but works incredibly well with getting rid of cravings (and it’s backed by science like I mentioned so isn’t some airy-fairy, woo-woo kind of thing!)

Curious?? Then keep reading. First of all let me tell you that I know how difficult it can be to quit sugar, I’m a former sugar addict myself……

Why Me…?

Hi there my lovely,

I don’t believe we’ve met yet.  I’m Rachel Foy and for over a decade I struggled with emotional eating, binging, diet obsession & sugar cravings.  If I wasn’t trying really hard to avoid all the tempting sweet treats, I was off the diet and stuffing chocolate, sweets & ice cream in my mouth as fast as I could.  The result of which became a stressful mix of my weight yo-yoing whilst my relationship to sugar became destructive.  It literally took over my life.

I’m now an emotional eating coach & anti-diet crusader for women helping them break this vicious cycle which I personally experienced, especially when it comes to cravings.  I developed the Quit Your Sugar Cravings program after my own personal struggles as I was inspired by the difference it made when I got the help I really needed. My skin, energy, focus & overall wellbeing improved so much, it was a no brainer to carry it on.

Sugar no longer controls my life or dominates my thoughts anymore. I take it or leave it.

You see the most difficult part for most of us, is when we tell ourselves we can’t have something (i.e. sugar) we often crave MORE OF IT and then the cycle continues.  These sugar cravings can often be the result of diet mentality, such as denying yourself something as you are trying to be ‘good’ or they can be for other emotional reasons such as stress, loneliness or boredom.  The problem with ‘traditional’ approached (i.e. take them all away and use willpower and glitter teeth) is that you end up more stressed, frustrated and obsessed as you know you can’t have them.

My approach is to take away the emotional connection such as deprivation, feeling left out & the desperation to eat something sweet as by doing so cravings fade away easier than you’d believe!

This program is not a fad diet, it’s not aimed at helping you lose weight (although many women do report their body drops some weight) and it’s certainly not designed to be tough, challenging or difficult.

I’m quietly confident that when you start addressing some of the underlying reasons WHY you crave sugar, quitting your sugar cravings is EASY THAN YOU THINK.

Here’s What I Give You In Quit Your Sugar Cravings:

4 x Audio Lessons

Taught by Rachel, these audio lessons will help you explore more about sugar & why addressing your sugar cravings can have such a huge impact on your life

Topics Include:

1. The Secrets About Sugar & It’s Shocking Effects On Our Bodies

2. 10 Sugar Shockers – Where Sugar Hides

3. Unstoppable Mindset Of Being Sugar Free

4. Why Understanding Your Cravings Helps You Understand Yourself

8 x Tapping Videos

Quitting sugar without cravings and feelings of deprivation is possible!  Whether you are new to tapping (EFT) or not, Rachel has put together a bunch of videos guaranteed to kick those sugar cravings to the curb.

Topics Include:

1. Intro To Tapping

2. Feelings of Deprivation

3. Feeling Stressed & Needing Sugar

4. Feeling Low & Needing A Sugar Hit

5. Helping With Withdrawal Symptoms

6. How To Use Tapping On Your Own

7. I’m A Sugar Addict

8. Getting Rid Of Sugar Cravings Quickly

4 x Sugar Meditations

You don’t need to be a hippie to use meditations!  It’s just a way of using your mind and visualisation skills in a positive and empowering way.  Designed for you to use throughout the program, these meditations will help with stress reduction, push cravings away and allow you to get the mindset that living without sugar is actually easier than you thought!

Topics Include:

1. Bubble Garden – Stress Reduction

2. Saying No To Sugar Meditation

3. Taking The Emotion Out Of Your Sugary Treat

4. Set Yourself Up For Sugar Free Success





This 18 page booklet has been put together to help you quit your sugar cravings with extra tips, suggestions and thought provoking questions and tasks

Your Investment






You can also choose to work with me personally for even more laser focused help

The Complete Online Program ONLY £59

Instant access to everything mentioned above!

Get It Now

Online Program + Private Coaching ONLY £190

The online program + 2 x 45 min sessions with Rachel!

Get It Now

What Makes This Course Different?

You learn cutting edge techniques designed to help you with the emotional side of your sugar addiction


You receive on going, lifetime support from Rachel and her team 


The Course has been created by a leading industry expert in food cravings who has over 8 years experience in this field


New content will be added at no extra charge creating a comprehensive support platform to help you quit your sugar cravings for good

“Working with Rachel on my sugar cravings was amazing!  I had tried for years to quit but always found the cravings so hard to manage and control that within days I was back to eating sugar again.  Her approach is so different and she is so passionate about her work which really comes through” Helen Weber, Dubai UAE

“I’ve struggled with a sweet tooth most of my adult life and whenever I’ve tried to stop eating it, I’ve craved it more and eaten it more! The things which Rachel talks about to do with emotions and how they are connected to our cravings was completely new to me but made total sense.”


“I hadn’t heard of tapping when I started the program but the videos are really easy to follow and use and more importantly they really work.  I’ve even shown my husband how he can tap!”

Sue Robins

It’s for everyone

No matter what your age, what your struggles with sugar or what you may have tried before, this program addresses some of the most fundamental reasons as to why we find quitting sugar so hard. The deprivation, the physical cravings and the withdrawal symptoms.

Using willpower alone can be very challenging to fight against sugar cravings so why not try a different approach?  Rachel walks you through all the steps of addressing and then taking action against your emotional connection to sugar so cravings are a thing of the past (with no feelings of deprivation – it’s a promise!)

You don’t need to feel so stressed!

This program has been put together with the main focus on helping with the emotional issues of stopping sugar cravings whilst giving you all the support you need. The temptations, the feelings of deprivation, the physical symptoms of craving sugar and the physical symptoms of withdrawal.

When ALL the emotional ‘stuff’ is worked through, getting rid of sugar cravings really can be easier than you ever thought possible.

Accessible from anywhere

You have access to the course 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and everything is portable! You can listen to the audios & watch the videos whenever you wish & wherever you are.

I’d also love to hear your feedback. If there is anything in particular which you think would help you and other program members then let me know and I can look at adding it into the members area.

A Note From Rachel

I LOVE helping women break free from their cravings and showing them that it doesn’t have to be difficult. I want to share with you everything which I have learnt over the years which REALLY work when it comes to quitting sugar cravings.  I’ve intentionally priced this program so low that you can’t afford not to join me & I’ve designed it in a way that you have complete support from the start in a way that you’ve never had before.  Remember it’s your mind & emotional attachment to sugar which can make this difficult but with my help THIS CAN be easy.

What’s more, I  am going to be adding content to this program so as it evolves and expands, you’ll find more audio lessons, more tapping views and more relaxation & meditation recordings in the members areas AT NO EXTRA COST.

If you think you would benefit from some personal coaching from someone with over 8 years of experience after having worked with hundreds of clients, then there is also an option to join the program and add on some 1:1 sessions with me.  I’m an expert at getting right down to the root cause of sugar cravings and then helping you get rid of them. That’s a promise.

What Program Members are saying

I am shocked at how I am able to leave chocolate in the fridge for days and weeks on end!!! I was totally new to this approach but doing the program has helped my sugar cravings immensely!


I’ve always been a sugar addict and have tried more times than I care to mention over the years. I was totally new to EFT when I discovered Rachel and this program but it’s been amazing. I’ve never once felt deprived or miserable and I truly have no cravings for sugar like I’ve done in the past.  I’m delighted! Thank you!


I had no idea how emotionally connected to sugar I was until I started QYSC with Rachel.  Amazing! I feel like a new chapter has started where I no longer stress and think about chocolate all day as the thoughts just don’t enter into my head anymore!


Trying to quit sugar has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in the past and occasionally I went for a few weeks at a time before caving in and going crazy feeling so deprived and desperate for something sweet.  The tools which Rachel shows in the program are so valuable and I continue to use them every so often with astounding results.  I’m so grateful, thanks Rachel.


Over the years I’ve found myself using sugar more and more to cope with life – my job, my children & a few personal issues within the family.  I hadn’t realised how much of a dependance I had on sugar until I tried to cut it out one day. I turned into a crazy women and lasted less than 12 hours. A friend of mine told me about Rachel’s Quit Your Sugar Cravings and it’s been amazing. I’ve learnt so much and best of all those overwhelming and desperate cravings for chocolate and biscuits are well and truly a thing of the past!


Being a mum to 3 small children, my weakness has always been mid afternoon when I’ve craved chocolate or cake or a biscuit, some kind of pick me up. Doing the Quit Your Sugar Cravings with Rachel has taught me so much about what my cravings have meant over the last 18 months and now I feel I understand myself a lot better than I did! I’ve loved learning and using the tapping as it’s really calming.


I was so sceptical starting the Quit Your Sugar Cravings program as I hadn’t heard of tapping and I wasn’t sure if it would help….it’s done more than I could have expected! I’ve always had a weakness when it came to sweet things but using the videos when I’ve needed to and the meditations have helped so much. I feel in control for the first time in years!


I’m so thankful to have discovered Rachel as what she talks about, what she teaches and what she has put together in this program are truly wonderful.  She’s truly passionate about what she does and you can tell, it really come through.


What Are You Waiting For??

It’s time for you to STOP trying to find the willpower to overcome your sugar cravings & FINALLY get the help you need to make quitting those cravings far easier than it has been so far.

The Complete Online Program ONLY £59

Instant access to everything mentioned above

Get It Now

Online Program + Private Coaching ONLY £190

The online program + 2 x 45 min sessions with Rachel

Get It Now

Got a Question?

I’m new to tapping, is that a problem?

No not at all! I’ve designed this for anyone who has limited knowledge, extensive knowledge or none what so ever

Is the fee a one off and that’s it?

YES! You get everything mentioned above to help you quit your sugar cravings based on my 8 years of experience with clients and I know that what I teach and the techniques I use really work.  What’s more, I am going to be adding more content to this program as it grows so watch out for NEW modules, lessons and videos at NO EXTRA COST

Will this take a lot of time?

The program itself won’t take very much time, all the videos are approximately 10 minutes and the audios around 30 minutes.  I have designed it so that you dip in and out of what you need. It could be you need some support with feeling deprived, in which case you pop on the video, tap along with me for 10 minutes or so and that’s it.  Some days you’ll use more things and other days you won’t use anything.  Like with any change in behaviour, time is the important factor.  With consistency and using the content WHEN you NEED it will allow you to quit sugar cravings for good!

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